Chains on Dogs!

Chains on dogs were free-to-mint, 100% on-chain animated NFTs where the community is building the utility!

1,000 doggos have been adopted. But you can still find some strays on

Season 2 Minting Now
Woof woof woof

5,000 ADA Prize Pool!

We want the community to create the utility for the Doggos!

To help motivate you lazy mongrels, we've buried a 5,000 ADA prize (in a wallet) for any budding game developers out there!

  • 1st Prize: 2,500 ADA
  • 2nd Prize: 1,500 ADA
  • 3rd Prize: 1,000 ADA

We created Chains on Dogs as a free-to-mint NFT to

  1. push the boundaries of on-chain NFT limitations and
  2. encourage and inspire the community to create.
We believe that NFTs can be much more than flippable trading cards, and we believe that greater community involvement in building is key.

We randomly generated attributes and classes for each pupper to provide additional data and inspiration for the community to build around. We offer a total prize pool of 5000ADA for any budding developers out there to get involved and create fun games around Chains on Dogs NFTs.

We will also be settling into a new kennel in the @cheekyunts discord #game-jam, where you can chat with other puppers about all things Chains on Dogs.

Doggo Stats

Base Stats

Six base stats are generated for each doggo, ranging from 80-100.

First & Last Name

All dogs have been named based on suggestions from our twitter community.

8 Character Classes

We made up 8 crazy classes to add more flavour to your doggos.

Strength Icon


How stronk a doggo is. Useful for carrying the big sticks.
Agility Icon


How spritely a doggo is. Useful for chasing those heckin cats.
Constitution Icon


How chonky a doggo is. Useful for eating things you know you're not supposed to and still being okay.
Intelligence Icon


How smort a doggo is. Useful for learning new tricks.
Luck Icon


How wise a doggo is. Useful for remembering old tricks and knowing when to use them.
Charisma Icon


How frenly a doggo is. Useful for getting extra pats and treats.

Puppy School

We need to teach you degens some new tricks! Each Chains on Dog NFTs will be 100% on-chain, which comes with pros and cons.

  1. Cardano currently has an on-chain metadata limit of 16kb, which is really smol. For example, a SpaceBudz is ~500kb, and a Chilled Kongs is a whopping 1MB which is why they can’t be on-chain.
  2. To get all 12 frames of animation on-chain, each doggo will be generated as an animated PNG (APNG) and encoded to base64.
  3. APNG is supported by a majority of wallets and, so you’ll be able to view your animated Doggo in all its glory!
  4. APNG support on secondary marketplaces is a dog's breakfast. We’re in contact with the major players to help improve support.
  5. While the world catches up with our progressive future dog owners, we’ll provide a backward-compatible GIF doggo via this website that you can right-click and download to use as your PFP.

Doggo De-tails

1000 Dogs with Chains on-chain will be available. 1 per tx, 2 per wallet.
Free! You will need to send 3ADA and you will receive 1 Chains on Dog NFT as well as a full refund minus the tx fee (which is usually less than 1 ADA)
Because that is how the blockchain works bro. You will receive your NFT and a full refund minus the tx fee.
Friday July 22, 2022 11pm UTC
Purely for fun! Plus we wanted to push on-chain limitations ourselves by providing unique animated pixel art NFTs completely on-chain.
Any Cardano wallet is fine, Eternl, Nami, Yoroi, Daedalus etc. ⚠ Do not send any funds from exchange wallets ⚠
Chains on Dogs have 10% royalties when sold on secondary marketplaces.